Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gobble Gobble...

We had such a fantastic Thanksgiving this year. It was so nice to be surrounds by friends and family. All 3 kiddos enjoyed playing with the cousins. We ate, they played volleyball and we ate some more! Carson is quite the volleyball player! He hung in there for 7 games! Thanks for having us... we couldn't be more thankful for such an incredible family! And to our surprise we were able to celebrate Carrigan's birthday with family. She loved every Dora book, Barney video, and Mickey stuffed animal. Thank you!

Since we got education leave for the kiddos, their 'education' was the Kennedy Space Center. What a great day! I was so surprised how excited both kids were about space shuttles and rockets. We even got to ride in a simulated 'take-off'. Caelyn probably asked 15 times, 'Is this real? Are we really in space?' So cute! Here are some pics from their 'education'


We learned that when the shuttle takes off it's enough noise and rumble to make the local alligators angry (and there was plenty of them!)

My big accomplishment! I ran my first half marathon! I was a bit intimidated. 13.1 is a long way to run. It was a goal I wanted to accolmplish by the end of the year and I couldn't put it off any longer! Chad and I were able to spend the night (kid free-thanks to grandma and grandpa!) the night before....It was so enjoyable! The race started at an early 6:15, but was very well organized and fun! I was actually pleasantly surprise at my time. I expected to finish between 2 hours 15 min and 2 hrs 20 minutes. My official time was 2 hours and 3 minutes! yay! The medal makes it completely worth the challenge. I will definitely be doing another one soon! Here are the results...http://www.spacecoastmarathon.com/articles/results/424?type=a

What's a fl pics without donald?

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