Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christmas List!

Per the request of many I am going to be using this blog for the kids Christmas lists or wants, or ideas. It is ultimately your choice whatever you get them and we are completely thankful for everything. I just thought this might help! In return, please... please send me requests! The thought of buying something someone already has or a size that doesn't fit drives me bananas! I have enough issues with gift giving. We are asking for no more books (although it's still your choice)... we have sooo many! The kids visit the school library daily and we visit our local library weekly.

I will start with Carson...He is on swim team this year and loving it! He could use a bathing suit. They are called Jammers... he is an XS or size 24. He would also love a swim bag. I have seen them on ebay or on the speedo website. It's the smaller backpack. His whole team has this same one (unfortunately they don't provide them!) We can get his name embroidered!

He is very 'in' to Pokemon. Although I think we have every card and every book possible. But he does like 'it'. He is also very into his Nintendo DS. I will post the games that he has and the ones that he is asking for.

UPDATE 11/16/2010

The bag and 2 'jammers' have been ordered. :) And as of yesterday he has been 'promoted' to a higher level team! He will need additional training tools... this is the JR. Pull buoy.

This is a mesh equipment bag...

Here is a list of the DS games he currently has:

-Pokemon (Mystery of the Dungeon)

-Lego Rockband

-Mario & Luigi (Bower's Inside Story)

-Lego Star Wars (The Complete Saga)

-Pokemon Diamond

Here is the list of the ones he would like..

-Indiana Jones 2

-Sonic Rush

-Pokemon Pearl


For clothing... pants he absolutely needs a 7 slim (or larger, slim). The brands we know fit him are the Gap, Old Navy, Target, and Mossismo. He refuses to wear regular or even carpenter fit pants or jeans. His shirt size is typically a 7 or 8. Shoe size is a 11.

Caelyn is doing gymnastics and would enjoy some pretty sparkly, glamorous leotards. She is a size 6, or small. She also loves 'pokemon'... I might mention that we are not encouraging this :) She likes Hello Kitty anything. She is getting a Nintendo DSI for Christmas (from us). So any girlee games would work. She is a size 6 slim for pants (not the skinny jeans). Size 6 for shirts and size 11 shoe. She prefers not to wear dresses in the winter, (but mentions that she still likes them for the summer). She is probably the difficult one to shop for as she doesBoldn't like dolls or barbies. We got her an Easy Bake Oven last year... and it held her interest for about 3 days. We have 10,000 purses that only Carrigan plays with. She does love to draw or doing anything art related.

11/11/2010- 2 leotards have been ordered!

Carrigan! while I am thankful for anything... she doesn't need any winter clothes or pajamas. I had forgotten that I had starting saving Caelyn's clothes at this age. So we already had some and I found Caelyn's. We have lots! Her shoes sizes are different though, she is now a size 6 shoe (Caelyn was a 4 at this age!). We will be getting Carrigan a big girl bed. The bedding I would love to get her is the POTTERY BARN KIDS ANDREA STAR LAVENDER. She will have a twin size bed. Actually anything in the lavender color would be fantastic. She is loving Dora, Mickey Mouse and Barney.

We have purchased a dora scooter!

Fisher Price Dance Star Mickey Mouse.... she is in love with this Mickey! However, I can't find it anywhere. Everyone is sold out. It dances and sings (just like her!) She is so funny!

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